Elixir, the first steps

I’ve spent the last few days playing with Elixir-Lang, which is a Ruby-like language built on top of the Erlang VM. While I’m still very much learning a few resources have been absolutely essential to my progress:

  1. Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas

    This will undoubtedly become the Pickaxe for Elixir. While the book is in beta, it’s up to date with the Elixir 1.0.0 release. Per his other books, Thomas excitedly guides the reader through the awesomeness of Elixir. Worth picking up for anyone interested in Elixir.

  2. All Aboard the Elixir Express by Chris McCord @ RailsConf 2014

    Chris ran a 5 hour(!) demo workshop at RailsConf this last year in Chicago that really caught my eye. In just a few hours, we had everyone’s machines working together to scrape Twitter. Fucking impressive for just a few hours of work.

  3. Elixir Sips

    A la the now defunct RailsCasts, Josh Adams releases several videos a week where he walks the viewer through a small part of the Elixir language. These tutorials are excellent, although many of his earlier ones no longer work with the latest release of Elixir. He has (in comments on his site) plans to rerecord many of the early episodes now that 1.0.0 has been released.

  4. #elixir-lang on Freenode

    Great community, getting bigger every day. Best place to ask questions since most of the core contribures are idling in the room.

I’ll keep posting as I find more. What have been the most useful resources for you while learning Elixir?

TL;DR brew install elixir

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