The Joys of reinstalling RBENV (read: Where the f*** did all my diskspace go?!)

Like many developers running on Macbooks, the dreaded “You’re low on disk space” error haunts my daily worklife. How on earth could text files, chat logs, and memes be taking up the majority of my 512GB SSD? Well, the answer surprised me. I ran Disk Inventory X (http://www.derlien.com/), a great tool for seeing where your HD space is going, and I found that nearly 40GB of space was taken up by my ~/.rbenv directory.

Seriously. 40GB.

So, I did the right thing, and deleted it. I reran a brew install rbenv, then a rbenv install 2.2.3. I navigated over to my main work directory, installed the bundler gem, and then ran the usual bundle install. The new size of my ~/.rbenv dir? A much more sane 1.17GB. That’s 3% my original .rbenv size. Yeah, that’s still big, but Ruby projects are what I do for a living. What’cha gonna do.

I’ve started looking at projects that emulated rvms awesome implementation for per-project gemsets (https://github.com/jf/rbenv-gemset, for example), but haven’t dug much in to it yet. For the time being, I have a script I’ve written that will delete the versions of gems no longer used nor depended on by my projects in addition to automatically clipping my log files (especially test.log, sheesh) on a regular basis. I’ll let you know how the gemset stuff works out.

Got any other tips about stuff that’s blowing up your disk? Let me know in the comments and I’ll append them to this post sourcing you! Free disk space for all!

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